How many times have we been left seething at a decision that’s changed the course of a game? Whether we’ve taken our rant to a pub, social media, a radio phone in or even into work on a Monday I can guarantee we’ve been greeted with the same response – “Why are Celtic fans so paranoid?”.
Off the top of my head I can recall numerous ocassions where refereeing incompetence has cost us big time, trophies I mean. Remember Meekings handball in the semi final vs Inverness that stopped Celtic from scoring an open goal? A mirror image incident at Fir Park the same season? Perhaps you’ll remember Willie Collum awarding Kirk Broadfoot a penalty for a dive – a decision the ref made with his back turned hence not actually seeing the incident. Not to mention Lee Wallace attempting a cross field pass that went straight out of play unpressurised, only for the linesman to award Rangers with the throw in?
Ok, the throw in is a bit superficial but it’s easily the worst decision of the lot.
I can keep going, but you get the idea.

Somehow the officials missed this

We enjoy more success than most, but why should that matter in the context of a fair game?
St Johnstone & Tommy Wright have every right to be aggrieved at the penalty we were awarded. Honestly it’s a shocking decision. Only now are questions being asked of our referees.
Throughout papers, radio and fan phone in’s this week all I seem to hear is that Peter Lawwell runs Scottish football or that referee’s are scared to give a deicision against Celtic. Journalists and reporters foaming at the prospect of us being on the receiving end of a really poor decision.
That’s our first decision in god knows how long! It’s all over the back pages – yet it wasn’t even the worst decision of the weekend. A Hearts player was booked as a Motherwell player tripped over a team mates feet. It’s not a game changer sure, but that’s worse!
The standard of our referees is shambolic. Besiktas and Malaga had a go at Craig Thomson for making mistakes in high profile fixtures. Why only now is this being highlighted?

If this is to be the catalyst for standards in our country to improve then that will benefit everyone in the long run. Fantastic.

But to everyone else raging that Celtic were finally given a shocking decision… You’re all just paranoid.


One thought on “Paranoia

  1. Paranoia? How about Thomson gave Celtic a penalty for nothin at the weekend to pile more pressure on The Loaf thereby making sure the so called loyal (pfffft) turn on him and the glib and shameless can dump him. Total paranoia….. or is it?


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