If you know the Mystery

I’ve spent hours collecting data on players that have played for Celtic throughout our proud history.
To do this, I’ve used numerous sources and have a file for every player that pulled on the green and white. I figured by doing my own research I could ensure accuracy – some of the appearance data for players are sketchy at best.

There is one player in particular that really catches my imagination.
One of the websites I’ve visited most is one that you’ll probably know very well – The Celtic Wiki. You can really learn a lot from reading up on individual players. You’ll always find something you didn’t know!
So with this comes not a blog post as such, but an appeal.

On the 2nd of April 1892 Celtic lined up against Vale of Leven. The game finished 2 each and we played despite having 3 key players on international duty on the same day.
It’s almost impossible to find more information on this game. Full line ups are available, but they include the players we know were away on international duty on that day – and definitely did not play for Celtic.
What is known is that a player by the name of McLaughlan made his only appearance for Celtic on that day. The problem is nobody knows his name.
The mystery man was on trial from Benburb and sadly he’s one of the few forgotten men.
It’s a mix between romanticism and sadness that more is not known about this man. Even a first name to associate him with would be amazing.

Similarly, a man by the name of Laughlan/Loughlin played for Celtic against Dumbarton a year later on the 3rd of March 1893. Yet The Scotsman include this man in their match report of the game.
My own personal records completely omit this player, as do the major Celtic sites.

This isn’t a post to tell a story – as nobody really knows the full tale.
We live in hope that somebody knows something about these men. A relation or historian possibly? There must be someone somewhere that can shed some light on this curious tale.


One thought on “If you know the Mystery

  1. Hi,

    Your best bet would be to contact the Scottish Football Museum (info@scottishfootballmuseum.org.uk). I am quite sure our McLaughlan would have been a registered player during the following season (1892/93) for Celtic, so if you request for them to look up the player registers for season 1892/93, then they will at least have a first name for J.McLaughlan. From memory I think the player registers began in 1893. As a further twist in the saga, one of the members of my forum at scottishleague.net has posted that there was a ‘McLaughland’ at left back (the same position as our man played in) against Partick Thistle in the Glasgow Cup on 12st November 1892. See here for the post: http://scottishleague.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5089.

    Hope this helps.

    Alan Brown


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